Bulk Billing Doctors on the Gold Coast

Many of us will put off seeing a doctor because of our busy lives. It’s not always possible to arrange a visit to see your GP in normal doctor’s surgery hours, but taking care of your health should be a number one priority.

If you can’t take the patient to the doctor, bring the doctor to the patient!

Some of our patients are unable to physically get to the doctor, or are too sick or time deficient to sit in a waiting room at a walk-in clinic or their local GP’s office. But this shouldn’t mean you don’t get to bulk bill.

Can I bulk bill a Home Visit from an After Hours Doctor on the Gold Coast?

Doctors That Bulk Bill

Yes, you absolutely can! All of our doctors offer the bulk bill facility. Stay in the comfort of your own home and have one of our experienced doctors visit you - have your Medicare card on hand when they arrive and we’ll bulk bill the home visit just the same way as when you visit the doctor.

The After Hours Doctor that will examine, diagnose and treat you in your home, is no different from the doctor you would visit in a doctors surgery (most of our after-hours doctors are GP or local physicians who run their own local practices too).

So if the doctor and treatment you receive is the same at home as in your local surgery, we see no reason why the billing should be any different.

What is Bulk Billing?

How Quickly Can An After Hours Bulk Bill Doctor Visit Me At Home?

We will endeavour to get a bulk billing doctor out to visit you at home within 3 hours. This can vary depending on traffic and driving times between our doctor’s patient visits. Most patients have a doctor at their house faster than this however.

We also have two dedicated After Hours Surgeries located for your convenience on the Northside and Southside of the Gold Coast, so you can always visit one of these locations if you prefer. Our after hours only clinics are located in Southport and Palm Beach. The primary aim is to provide after-hours GP services nights, weekends and public holidays, every day of the year (on average 118 hours per week).

If you believe the situation is an emergency, we urge you to call 000 or visit an Emergency Room:

Patients who have symptoms of chest pain, severe shortness of breath and similar extreme problems are always directed to the hospital of their choice by ambulance.

What times are After Hours Doctor’s home visits?

After hours doctor’s home visits are from 4 pm till 8 am overnight Monday to Friday and 24 hours on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

These are the times that patients are normally unable to book an appointment at the local doctor's surgery. If your child runs a fever on a Saturday morning, you certainly don’t want to wait until Monday to be able to book an appointment.

The alternative to getting a bulk billing doctor to visit you at home after hours is to go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital. However, if the triage nurse doesn’t rank you as an emergency, you could end up waiting for hours and hours in a waiting room full of sick people, which isn’t ideal if you’re already run down or susceptible to contagions. 

What areas do your bulk billing doctors do home visits to?

Home and nursing home visits are available for Gold Coast locations between Upper Coomera and South Tweed. Our House call service area includes:

Doctor house calls can be arranged with our receptionist by calling 07 5532 8666.

We have a receptionist in attendance 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year, so call now to arrange your Bulk Billing After Hours Doctor to visit you at home.